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Posted by on Monday August 25, 2014 at 15:54:28:

Do you know that you can now buy airtime or virtual recharge with your phone as long as you have a GTBank account? Well, yes you can and this has been made possible by GTBank. The service is called "GTBank 1-click Top up service".

I guess the bank knows that one of the things people mostly buy in Nigeria is airtime credit. Some people normally buy recharge card while others just buy from ATMs or on the internet.

At times, it can really be stressful looking for GSM recharge card vendors, buying a scratch card, scratching it and then trying to load it to your phone. I've even had issues with physical recharge card at times by mistakenly scratching off the PIN. Even if you were buying airtime from ATMs, you'd notice that nowadays, ATM locations tend to get crowded in the cities. If you are living in remote places, it can be hard to locate GSM airtime vendors or even an ATM and at times even recharge card vendors tend to inflate the price of recharge cards and you might see a N1500 card selling for N1600 in times of scarcity. Well, with GTBank's 1-click top up service, you can have airtime anytime you want as long as you have your phone with you and there is a network service.

Things needed
- GTBank account
- GSM mobile phone(It should be the phone number you already registered with GTBank)

How to load airtime credit
- Ensure there is network on your GSM phone
- Dial the USSD code *737*AMOUNT# where amount can be 100, 100 or even 3000 e.g. *737*1000#

- One can only load a maximum of N5000 daily
- It cannot be used to top up another GSM number
- The airtime top up amount should not exceed your bank account balance

Have you tried GTBank's 1-click top up service? If not, just dial *737*1000# to load airtime credit on your phone. It is that easy.