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Posted by on Friday November 14, 2014 at 15:6:16:

Of all the places where I can buy recharge card or GSM credit for my phone, I have to say that it's the quickteller website that has been the platform I most prefer. However, it seems that this is also about to be overtaken by the USSD option offered by Nigerian banks but that one is not available all the time and Quickteller seems most reliable for now.

Actually, I can't remember the last time I actually bought a physical scratch card from a recharge card seller since I have to first go out and get it, wait for my chance, scratch the PIN which at times peels off the number and then there is the added burden of typing in about 16 digits of numbers before airtim credit is loaded to my phone. With Quickteller's websites, it's as easy as browsing and checking my Yahoo mail and it works both on my computer and mobile phone since their website is also mobilized.

To buy airtime on Quickteller is easy as long as you already have a registered account and have added your ATM card to the account. The only things you have to do is just go to your services, select the phone number you want to load(if it's not the first time), enter the amount you want, enter the Safetoken code sent to your linked phone and airtime credit will be loaded directly without any additional charges.

Quickteller offers a Virtual top up service for all Nigerian GSM networks such as MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. Once you've made an initial transaction, subsequent transactions can be easily done by just going to your services to see your past payments.

Using the Quickteller platform only requires an internet connection and it doesn't really matter whether is a broadband or dial up service, the platform is built to be fast enough.

Paying for bills and buying airtime on Quickteller is like using your ATM card on the ATM but without using an ATM since this is done on the internet.