An easy way to scratch a recharge card

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Posted by on Tuesday November 20, 2012 at 12:47:26:

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Scratching off the silver coating on a recharge card can take some time and may not be so convenient when making use of your fingernail. It can encourage the growth of dirt on your nails which is not a good thing and at times you may even overscratch the PIN too from the card and I've experienced this before. Rumour has it that some recharge cards don't have the same standard as others and there have been numerous cases of people also scratching off their PINs along with the coating too.

How do you avoid all these? What is a more convenient way of scratching a recharge card? Well, in this post, I have also included a video on how to easily do this by making use of a piece of chalk. Just remember to watch your hands after making use of the chalk.

- Get a piece of chalk
- Place the card on the table
- Erase the coating by sliding the chalk horizontally on the card
- Scratch on it until the pin is revealed.

This is probably much easier and quicker than using your finger nail.