How to buy Nigerian airtime via an ATM

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Posted by on Monday January 28, 2013 at 11:41:15:

ATMs are popular machines nowadays in Nigeria as it is useful for a lot of things and satisfies bank customers. One of the good things you can do with an ATM is buying recharge cards or airtime. You can do this if you have an ATM card, mobile phone and ATM service is available.

Things needed
- Mobile phone and number
- An active ATM service
- Recharge card support

How to buy
- Just slot in your card in the place provided
- Enter your ATM 4 digit PIN
- Select Quickteller or Airtime recharge
- Select the network
- Enter your mobile phone number or the beneficiary's
- Enter or Select the top up amount
- Confirm your order
- Make payment
- Your account gets debited while the mobile phone number gets credited with airtime

It is that easy.

Now, you can buy recharge cards or top up your phone anytime of the day as long as you have an ATM closeby.