MTN Xtra Time: MTN will loan you Airtime credit

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Posted by on Thursday May 1, 2014 at 8:57:7:

One of the great services MTN Nigeria is offering customers right now is the ability to get airtime credit when they have exhausted their own. Could you imagine that?

Dial *606# to get Airtime credit on credit

Well, if you are the kind of person that normally uses up your credit before you load another one and this could happen in a situation where it can be hard getting an Airtime vendor, you can always get it directly from MTN without paying any money in advance and you can pay the debt later on.

It works like this - Assuming you just finished the credit on your MTN sim and you need another one urgently, you can communicate with MTN by dialing *606# and then following the steps to get airtime credit.

If this is a loan, how does one repay? Well, since it is a loan, MTN normally charges about 10% on it and this means that if you requested for a N400 loan, you would get a value of 360 loaded and this would be repaid by the next time you load a recharge of N400.

This is a great feature if you ask me and it would even encourage people to keep talking on MTN.

However, I would have wished they gave the loan without nay interest as long as the person repays within a stipulated time frame, say 1 week.