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Posted by on Tuesday January 22, 2013 at 15:34:46:

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Mobile tv in Nigeria is taking various forms and crossing different platforms as MTN unveils on of its latest entertainment services titled MTN Mobile TV.

MTN Mobile tv just like DSTV mobile from MTN allows subscribers of the network to watch tv channels live on their mobile phones. One good thing about this new service is that it works for most mobile phones that can browse the web and play videos unlike DSTV mobile which only works on selected phone with DVB-H technology.

I just had an experience at watching mobile tv on my Nokia phone which was not a dstv mobile capable phone. It worked really well and was able to watch channels like BBC world, NTA, Silverbird and others. The plan I subscribed to was for the weekly plan which came with 4 channels and at a cost of N350.

MTN mobile DSTV service is a prepaid service that comes in several plans such a s the weekly and monthly as well as data limits of varying services.

It works with mobile internet data and I think 3G and on a usage basis depending on how much data you subscribed to. If you subscribe to more data, you will be able to watch mobile tv

Basic package:
This can be for a weekly or monthly basis and comes with varying amount of data caps for the weekly and monthly plans. It is the cheapest package on the mobile tv service. The monthly has more data and costs more than the weekly.

Standard package
The standard package is much cheaper than the premium type but costs more than the basis.. It also comes on a monthly and weekly plan and ideal for those who want to have more more tv viewing time based on data.

Premium package
This package is the most expensive and comes with most data limit. It also comes on a monthly and weekly plan and ideal for those who want the most tv viewing time based on data on this serivce.

How to subscribe to watch MTN mobile tv
- Simply visit the site from your phone browser:
- Select a subscription plan
- Select your channels
- Confirm your plan
- Make payment with your airtime credit
- You can then watch mobile tv anytime by going to the url

This mobile tv service works for most phones, even blackberry.

Hope it helps.

    Re: Watching live TV on MTN Mobile TV Posted by theresa albert on Monday February 11, 2013 at 12:8:4:

    I luv mobiletv

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    Network problem