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Posted by on Friday November 25, 2011 9:34:4:

Blackberry service is a mobile email and smart phone service offered by telecom networks that allows subscribers to connect to each other on a global network of blackberry users. It works in such a way that allows users irrespective of location. to send instant messages commonly known as pings to another person. Apart from just instant messaging, Blackberry phones can also do a lot of other functions that make them hav an edge over a lot of mobile phones. Some of these other functions include reading office files, charts, organizing business schedules, sending emails and connecting to social netorks.

What can you do with a blackberry
- Send and receive instant messages and email
- Remain constantly connected to social media like Facebook and Twitter
- Internet browsing
- Calls and sms
- Camera and Video
- Organizing

A blackberry is unique
Every blacberry is different frm another apart from just the brand or make. They all come with a unique pin which is a 8 digit hexadecimal identification number and these are normally locked to the specific device.

How much does Blacberry service cost
Well it seems there is always a fixed cost associated wit using a blackberry service but the final cost will mostly be determined by the service provider, the market an any other influential factors. In Nigeria blackberry service plans have fallen sharyply as competition among the major GSM networks is on the rise. Nowadays, you can get a basic blacberry service for as low as N1500(about $10) per month.

What do I need to get connected to the blackberry service
- A blacberry phone
- Subscription to a blackberry service

Are they any free blackberry plans?
Perhaps, they could be promos and plans that are offered at a discount for first time users but ultimately, the user would have to be paying a regular fee. A network could offer free blackberry phones to subscribers if they choose a promoted plan and in this way, you could technically be getting a free blackberry phone.

Some demerits of using a blackberry
So what could be the negative effects of using a blacberry service if any? Well, let's see:
- It could cause your thumbs to be sore from over typing
- It could be addictive and actually keep you glued to your device
- It could prevent you from meeting people in person by over relying on instant messaging
- It could affect your vision as all phones normally do from prolonged usage

Benefits of using a blackberry
A blackberry can really sae you a lot ot time, reduce stress and even financial costs for your business or personal life. You don't have to be at the office all the time when you can work and walk with a blackberry. You don't have to miss dates or updates on your social life. You can stay connected to friends on facebook and twitter without using a traditional computer. You can still browse the web on the go. You could send and receive messages instantly without paying any other additional costs and if you compare that to sending traditional sms, it pays.

How to get a blackberry service
There are now quite a lot of networks that offer the service and they mostly also offer it with the phones which are locked to their networks. You should just walk up to their office, check their websites or call their customer care to inquire on how to get connected. If you already have your own blacbkerry phone, you can still be connected to a blackberry service by any of the telecom firms in your locality.

Re: Blackberry Service Reply by Oyebola wuraola on Thursday March 1, 2012 at 1:18:56:

Pls i will be very happy if u give me a blackberry phone and promise to promote ur network, i am using etisalat line and i always recharge very well but i ave not been given bb...pls give me thanks