How to hide your caller id when calling someone

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Posted by on Tuesday April 2, 2013 at 8:45:13:

As you might already know, anytime you call someone, the person would see your number or name showing up on his phone before deciding to either answer it or not. What if you could call someone without allowing that person to see your number of name. What if you wanted to make a phone call incognito without being recognized until the person actually picks up the call and you reveal yourself? Well, this is quite possible in Nigeria and it works for all gsm networks.

All you need to set this up is to simply add the prefix #31# to the number you are calling.

It is a feature known as caller id hiding as it allows the caller to hide his id or phone number when making a call to another person. The receiver in this case receives a call but doesn't know who is calling.

By default, most local calls expose one's caller id and that's why caller id profiles or phone numbers saved with names tend to pop-up as recognizable to a receiver before he picks the call.

There may be a couple of times you might just want to make a call to another person but don't want to be immediately identified by the receiver's phone. One smart way to go about it is to simply hide your phone number by using the caller id hiding prefix #31# and your phone calls would then be incognito.

So, if you want to call a mobile phone number like 080444444 but want to hide your phone number, then the only thing you need to do is dial #31#080444444 and the receiver would not see your phone number. I think this only works for local calls in Nigeria for now and I'm not sure about international calls.

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    I really appricate it