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Posted by on Wednesday May 8, 2013 at 16:37:50:

I don't know if there are any mobile phone sterilization outlets or products in Nigeria since I haven't seen any. However, Nigerian mobile phone users need this service much more than any other nation in Africa due to the fact that we already have over 80 million phone users.

You may keep a good personal hygiene, wash your hands regularly but you never wash your phone and yet it is your closest personal gadget.

If you have been using your mobile phone for many years, it must have collected a large number of germs already. That number is likely to double if it was a second hand blackberry phone. It could be worse if you are the third owner. Also studies have shown that mobile phones that are commonly used for texting carry more germs than ones used just for making calls. However, all phones are guilty odf carrying germs and need to be cleaned once in a while.

There are lot of germs being transferred via mobile phones and these germs can make you sick if they already have not done so. As more and more Nigerians make use of mobile phones, especially used phones, there is a higher chance of them getting infected with bacteria or other disease causing germs and so the need for mobile phone sterilization arises.

People use mobile phones to do a lot of things and to go to different places. Some people go to the toilet with their phone, while some even eat their food while touching their phone but have you ever removed those germs.

If you think your toilet is dirty, chances are that you phone could be dirtier when you consider the number of times dirty hands have touched it. However, there is hope. You can always remove those bacteria and viruses already embedded on your phone.

Why the case for mobile phone sterilization. Studies have shown that such phones can accumulate bacteria and viruses and some of these bacteria cannot even be treated with modern day drugs. So some bacteria on your mobile phone are drug resistant and can kill you if you don't stop them.

The older a mobile phone is, the higher the number of germs it can carry and for most phones in Nigeria, they have never being sterilized.

How do you then sterilize a mobile phone? What are the processes involved in cleaning a phone so that you get ride of the germs?

Based on recent products I've seen online, there are a lot of products that can be purchase for home use in keeping your mobile phone sterilized. One popular device being used is Ultraviolet light.

The UV light is normally used for sterilizing water in countries around the world to make it safe for drinking. The good news is that these UV lights are also being used to sterilize mobile phones. All it basically invovles in placing your mobile phone in a container where this light rays are focused on in order to remove the germs.

A good product I've seen online is at Amazon: Violight VIO700 UV Cellphone Sanitizer.