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Posted by on Tuesday May 28, 2013 at 11:41:12:

Glo Nigeria has an airtime top up service called Glo sharp sharp electronic top up and this allows subscribers of the network to load airtime credit to their sim without having to use recharge cards or dial any numbers or USSD codes. It is direct, easy and fast and the only thing one would need to do it to pay for the amount you want to top up to your phone.

An airtime top up service allows a subscriber to buy almost any range of credit from a VTU vendor. The seller firsts ask the subscriber how much he wants to loads and his phone number, loads the airtime to the buyer’s phone directly and the phone gets credited almost immediately while he then pays for the service.

There are some disadvantages of recharging your Glo sim when using a recharge card such as physical street in locating a seller, finding the denomination you want, scratching it, over-scratching the numbers, using a fake recharge card and so on. With a direct top up service, you no longer have to go through that other than just paying for what you want. Besides, it is also a green initiative since no paper is wasted in printing recharge cards and so our trees are safe.

Glo’s Top up service allows a subscriber to buy airtime recharge credit from as low as NGN45 to as much as NGN500,000. It is electronic and you get an instant notification that your airtime has been credited with the amount you requested.
How does it really work? Well, you just have to locate a Glo VTU seller, provider your phone number and amount needed, receive a notification on your phone of the credit loaded from Glo, check your balance if you want and then pay the seller.

Another good thing about the service is that you have avariety of outlets to buy from besides VTU vendors. You could also buy from ATMs, POS machines, Glo office, the internet(Internet banking and other internet sellers) and so on.

Are you on the Glo network? You should take advantage of this Glo Electronic top up service to save yourself time and stress. Don’t waste the precious time you have scratching recharge cards.

    Re: Glo Sharp Sharp Electronic Top up Posted by Bola on Tuesday June 4, 2013 at 19:0:22:

    How can one become a vendor of glo sharp sharp electronic top up?

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