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Posted by on Friday September 20, 2013 at 14:48:34:

If you ask me, I'd say you that the online backup services that GSM companies like MTN, Etisalat and Glo Nigeria are offering are actually a good thing. For most people, losing a phone is not what pains them most but losing the contacts and details attached to the phone.

For sure, one can always buy a new phone when they lose and one but you may not always be able to buy your lost contacts and calendar items. Yes, for most people, their mobile phones contain a bit of their history.

I recently had a problem with my backup services with MTN. I'm already a subscriber to MTN backup but when I changed my phone from Nokia to Samsung Galaxy duo, I noticed that MTN backup doesn't support that kind of phone. In fact, MTN does not support all phones and I'm even feeling sorry for the growing number of Tecno mobile phone users but they may be a way around it.

When it comes to online phone back up for items like your contacts, notes and calendars, there are lots of other alternatives apart from our local providers. I recently ran into one of them and this one is located at

This website supports most Nokia, Motorola and other popular phones. They also support Android phones and devices that may not come with their own built int synchronization setting. To use an Android on PhoneCopy, you just need to download their apk file and log into your account.

TO get started with doing online back up with PhoneCopy, you just need to register for an account with your email address and choose a login name and password.

For Nokia phones that come with synchronization profiles, you just need to follow the instructions and setup a profile and you are good to go.

For Android phones, just download the PhoneCopy.apk file and start updating your phone.

So, PhoneCopy helped me to transfer the contacts I had on my Nokia E52 Phone to my Samsung Galaxy GT-B5512 phone. I did this by first synchronizing with my Nokia phone and then doing a second synchronization with my Samsung phone. This then allowed to have the same contacts on my Nokia and Samsung Android phone.

For Tecno phone users in Nigeria who may be unsupported by these several local backup services, you can try out phonecopy and you'd be able to transfer many contacts to their website.

Why do I love PhoneCopy? Well, their services are free as long as you have less than 500 contacts, calendar items and notes. If you want unlimited backup, you would just have to pay $25 per year and that's around N4000 in Nigeria which is not bad fee to pay annually if you actually have over 500 contacts.

The only fee or cost you may have to pay when using PhoneCopy is that of internet usage which you normally use this may be based on a time used or data used basis.

Personally, I connected my mobile phones to a WiFi service and this helped speed up my backup process and it completed within 15 secs.