Solution to Phonecopy doesn't upload old contacts from my phone to server

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Posted by on Friday September 20, 2013 at 16:34:22:

I've been using for quite a while now and had uploaded less than 500 contacts to the site. I however mistakenly added more than the exceeded number of contacts from my second device and so this was creating a duplicate copy and exceeding the number for the free version account.

I then decided to delete all the contacts and start all over again. I however noticed that after deleting all the contacts in my account that I could not upload the contacts from my Nokia phone again.

I guess the reason why you can't upload the old contacts you've already uploaded previously to Phonecopy is because it uses a sort of history algorithm to prevent users from uploading old versions of their contacts.

I had already associated 2 devices to my account and noticed that the history was sort of tied to these devices.

The problem was that each time I now tried to upload back the old contacts to PhoneCopy from my Nokia phone, no contact would be added to my online backup account and so I needed to delete the synchronization history from my account first.

Here is how I solved the problem

- I deleted the 2 devices from my profile by going to settings > Devices

- I then did a new synchronization again from my Nokia phone but this time selecting "to server only" option rather than 2 way synchronization

- Synchronization was successful and contacts were added to the server

- I then used Phonecopy application from my Samsung Android to synchronize but this time I chose advanced settings to download from "Server to phone" only.

This now downloaded the contacts I've uploaded from my Nokia smartphone to my Android Samsung phone.