MTN Nigeria introduces 123 USSD code

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Posted by on Friday October 3, 2014 at 11:53:28:

A lot of people who use MTN's GSM network in Nigeria tend to ask a questions when it comes to accessing information for MTN's services. Access to information related to MTN's Services such as data plans, bundled plans, Caller Tunes, Apps, Tariff migration and your account information can all be received on your phone for free by dialing MTN's USSD - *123#. Yes! It is as simple as *123#.

Let's say you want to access a service or seek information on the MTN network, it's as easy as dialing *123# from your phone.

In the older days, an MTN subscriber who wants to subscribe to a service would have to dial different USSD codes to get started. One would have to use a particular code to access MTN caller tunes, another for subscribing to a mobile data plan and yet another for accessing apps or going for a bundled voice plan. With this new service which is still free, it makes the work easier.

Although most of the old USSD codes will still be working, this new and additional one is just to help make the work easier for subscribers. It's now as easy as 1-2-3.