How to transfer contacts from one Nokia phone to another

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Posted by on Sunday July 8, 2012 17:33:19:

If you've got two Nokia phones which both use memory cards and want to just transfer your contacts between the phones, then one easy way you can do this without a computer is by simply backing up your contacts to the memory card. You could also copy contacts using your sim card but most sim cards only have a limit of about 200 contacts buta memory card can carry over 1000 contacts easily.

So if you were faced with the dilema of trasnferring over 100 contacts from one nokia phone to another say e52 to e66, how do you do it? Well I had the same issue and I did it with my Nokia Pc suite.

Actually the best way to back up or transfer contacts between 2 nokia phones is by simple using your PC suite which should be installed on a computer. In this case however, we are going to just transfer contacts as well as bookmarks, settings, text messages and other personal files from a Nokia E52 to an E66 .

How to do it
- Insert the USB phone cable in the UPS port of your computer
- Insert the other end in the slot for the first phone
- Select the PC suite option on your phone
- Start up PC suite on your computer
- Allow PC suite to install some settings on your copying phone. The phone should have the memory card inserted
- Now open PC suite and select back up from phone to computer
- Select the options of file you want to transfer
- Follow the process to completion while not touching your phone until it is finished
- When finished copying, remove your first phone
- Insert the second phone and also allow pc suite to make any automatic installations necessary on that phone
- Leave your phone, go to computer and select back up again but this time select the restore option from computer to phone
- Select the last back up you did with the previous phone
- Follow the process to completion

By the time you are done, you will have moved most of your files from the old nokia phone to a new one in a short time.

Things needed
- Computer with Nokia PC suite installed
- Nokia phones with memory card installed

Re: How to transfer contacts from one Nokia phone to another Reply by kingsley.mbaegbu on Tuesday July 17, 2012 at 11:59:4:

pls reply my request .how to back my contacts from my phone