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Posted by on Tuesday August 14, 2012 16:31:19:

What do we mean by a bonus on incoming calls? We mean getting credited when you receive calls from another person.

There are not many networks I know of that offer you a bonus for calls you receive and for those that do, it is really a plus as customers do really deserve it and the more calls they receive, the more bonus they should get.

If your network decides to give you a bonus each time you receive calls, then it means that you will get credit for using their services and the more credit you get, the cheaper voice calls or other services will be for you.

A bonus on incoming calls could be given to a subscriber in form of sms credits, voice call credits or data credits. With those credits, the subscriber can make use of the services attached to it for free based on the value of the bonus received.

Incoming calls are mostly common to people who receive calls a lot like small businesses, important persons and those with a large network of contacts. The more contacts one has, the higher the likelihood of him receiving calls.

Of what benefit will a bonus for calls received be to a subscriber? Well, it would go a long way in reducing your monthly bills by discounting it.