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Posted by on Thursday November 22, 2012 at 9:53:21:

Globacom Nigeria now has a new name for their High Speed Internet Service (HSI) after making some improvements in their speed and packaging and this is now touted as the fastest it has ever offered and probably the fastest internet service in Nigeria. This new service is called Glo Bolt.

Users of Glo's repackaged and upgraded internet service would now enjoy faster data speeds all thanks to Glo 1 marine cable which makes Glo a major ISP.

What does Glo bolt really offer
- Browse the web at much faster speed
- Internet service Sharing
- Internet service gifting
- Exta Data bonus
- Data roll over
- Extra 200 MB every month for 6 months if you spend at least N1000

How much does the modem cost?
Well the price is set at N3,999 and I guess we know this means N4000 since in Nigeria, we no longer use coins. When you buy the USB modem, you also get a free sim inside it with a free 500MB data for browsing.

What about those already using the HSI modem?
You will still be able to enjoy Glo's hish speed internet service on the new Glo Bolt. You probably don't need to change your device.

Internet service sharing
As I mentioned earlier, you can now share your internet service on Glo with other users without having them wait on a queue. What this means is that multiple users can use a single Glo Bolt service at the same time. You don't have to do any networking or any complex thing like that.
How internet sharing works on Glo bolt is by allowing usage on multiple Glo sims for a single plan. So the users would need to have their own Glo sims and can then browse using their own USB device or mobile phones.

Glo Bolt data roll over
This is also one new add on to their internet service. At times in the past, I've regretted not using all my data on Always Micro and I end up losing them after the expiration date. With Glo bolt, you will have the opportunity of carrying over your unused data to your next internet subscription. You just have to resubscribe before the plan expires. Isn't that a plus?

Extra data bonus
Currently under Glo Bolt service, subscribers would be able to get up to 30% extra data for the plan they have subscribed. For a plan like Always micro that comes with 200 MB, new subscriptions would now come with an extra 60 MB of data making a total of 260 MB.