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When it comes to internet services in Nigeria, there are quite a lot of providers that offer it. If you are however concerned about getting cheaper internet services, then you'd need to analyze as many of such plans as you can in other to choose the cheaper one.

So which cheap internet plans are available in Nigeria? Well it depends on how affordable you want them and what type of internet user you are. Based on price range however, the cost of internet browsing generally range from as low as N100 a day to about N9,000 a month. You can even get cheap mobile internet service for as low as 5k per kb. So it really depends on what type of service you are looking for and deciding on which plan to go for.

Internet services in Nigeria come also in various packages and in varying formats. There are some plans that are designed for people depending on what they prefer doing with it such as chatting, entertainment, publishing, emergency, emails and so on.

There are also internet plans designed to work favorably for people based on their speed, data or time preference. So you need to decide on what type of service you want and how cheap you want them.

Kinds of internet services in Nigeria
I think I should just narrow this down to 2 broad categories and these are as follows:

1. Data based internet plans
2. Time based internet plans

Data based internet plans
Data based internet plans are those plans that are based on time usage. Most internet service providers offer to Nigerians the option of choosing to pay for services based on how much data they actually use rather than on a time interval. One good thing about this option is that you spend less if you use less and that automatically make internet services really cheap for users. You only pay for what you use or for the data you consume.

Types of data based internet plans
There are about 2 types of data based internet plans in Nigeria and they are:

- Prepaid data plans
- Pay as you go data plans

Prepaid data plans are those internet plans that you pay forward for prior to using it. They normally come in packages and can be cheaper for people depending on how they use it. So let's say your service provider offers you a prepaid plan of 10MB for N100, it means that the total N100 would be debited to your account and would only be exhausted when you use up the 10MB. It is data based and you are charged prior to using it. It is a cheaper form of internet plan in Nigeria and good for people who don't need unlimited data and may want to use the service for checking emails, chatting and so on. If you are trying to use a 10MB plan to watch videos on YouTube, it may be exhausted after watching a 10 minuted video. However it works well for checking and sending emails as well as visiting light websites. It has a data limit tied to it and it may or may not also be tied to a fair use time period. One disadvantage of this plan is that remaining data units may be expired if there is a time limit also tied to it.

Pay as you go data plans
This is a data based plan whereby the subscriber is only charged on a per user basis. This means that unlike the prepaid data based service, you don't have to pay forward and you don't have to lose any used data since you only pay as you use it. It is also an effective way of checking bad internet services provided by your network. This means that when internet services are unreliable, your funds are not tied down unlike the prepaid type as you can choose not to use the service when services are poor. It may at times be more expensive than prepaid plans since some prepaid plans come with discounts or plans while pay as you go ones are charged at a flat fee irrespective of how much you spend while using it.

Time based internet plans
In Nigeria, time based internet plans are more commonly used by large corporations and small businesses who require internet services on a frequent basis. Time based internet plans are the services that are not tied to data limits but on a time base period such as 100 hrs, 24 hrs, 1 month and so on. It may also come as a business plan, night plan, weekend plan and so on. The internet subscriber does not pay for

Time based internet services are designed for people who are regular internet users and don't want to pay any extra fee for data usage. So with a time based plans, there is less likelihood of being charged for data used or for visiting heavy sites, publishing a lot of data online or having a teleconference. Ideally I think there should be no data limit but it seems some networks do charge for excess data used.

Types of Time based internet services
Time based internet services are mostly prepaid services in Nigeria and they come in varying categories as I have listed below:

- Hourly plan
- Daily plan
- Weekly plan
- Monthly plan

Hourly plans are those ones that are tied to hrs used and extra costs may or may not be charged for extra data used outside the agreed limit. They range from 1 hr to 100 hours and expire after the allocated hours have been used up. It is the cheapest form of time based internet service designed for hourly users.

Daily plan: These are 24 hr internet services provided by networks in Nigeria. Once you subscribe, your services would continue to be active until the next day with the option of renewing your subscription. It is cost effective for users who use the internet for most times in a day.

Weekly plan: This is one designed for 7 days in a week and based on the subscribers budget. After 7 days, the person can decide to go for another one or switch to a new plan.

Monthly plan: An internet plan that is designed for people and businesses who regularly use the internet for most days in a month. If you use their internet regularly, it is much better to just subscribe to a monthly plan rather than a pay as you go plan and get discounts for 30 days in a month subscriptions. Plans like these go for as low as N3000 to N8000 for medium speed users and higher for high speed users.
Under the monthly plan there is also business time and night time plans for which night time is much cheaper than business time which is designed for peak period users.

So which internet plans should you go for to minimize your costs? Well it depends on how often you use the web, what you user it for and what your budget really is.
There are certain plans that are designed for users who want faster speeds, more data usage, lower costs or emergency uploads.

Internet services that come with faster speeds, more data and reliability are much more expensive than the ones that come with low costs, less data and low speeds.

Generally, however, data based plans are the cheapest plans available in Nigeria but if your data costs go as high as N5000 in a month, then it's best to switch to monthly time based plans.

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