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Posted by on Monday February 11, 2013 at 17:0:29:

Starcomms Nigeria has an economy time based internet plan that allows subscribers to browse for at most 50 hrs in a month. This plan comes starts from N2,500 only as at the time of writing this post.

For Izap which is much faster, the plan costs about N4000 while for 1x which is the slower internet plan, the cost is as low as N2,500.

What this internet plan from Starcomms offers you is the ability to browse the internet with your Starcomms Izap or 1x modem for as long as 50 hrs in a month, whichever gets used up first.

I've tried out Starcomms internet package for a while both for the hourly plans and 24hr monthly plans and they do offer an averagely reliable service. There are times when service is poor and at times it runs very well.

How to subscribe to the 50 hrs internet plan on Starcomms
- You can simple walk to a Starcomms office and make payment so that your modem gets immediately credited or

- You can load starcomms credit to your Starcomms phone and then use an sms code to get your modem subscribed

- You may also subscribe to the plan by making use of an ATM