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Posted by on Tuesday March 20, 2012 8:49:10:

Glo has a plan that literally makes internet service very cheap in Nigeria and this goes for as low as. It is called the GLo always Micro

Glo Nigeria is offering one of the lowest data bundle in the market for now at a historic N1000 a month. This will give the subscriber a download quota of 150MB for a period of 30 days. You can subscribe to this plan called Always micro with your mobile phone or HSPDA modem.

To subscribe to Glo's always Micro, just send 13 to 127. To get more detail about your plan, you can also send info to 127.

You should note that this internet service would expirece once the month ends or as soon as you exhaust your 150MB, whichever comes first.

Tips to make your browsing service last longer
- Disabling images
- Avoiding heavy sites
- Using yahoo mobile site rather than the main one. see
- Using facebook mobile site such as
- Disconnecting when not in use
- Avoiding torrents and downloads
- Avoiding chat websites

The thing about this affordable internet service from Glo is that it helps you do the basic things you want such as check and send mail. But if you are using heavy websites such as entertainment sites like Youtube with lots of streaming going on, better to go for an unlimited internet service plan but those cost much higher.