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Posted by on Friday August 2, 2013 at 13:28:57:

If you are on the Glo network and want to subscribe to an internet data plan suited for your mobile phone or tablet, you can do so by dialing any of the following USSD codes.

Choose a plan that best suits you and subscribed by dialing the USSD code in the format provided and you'll be subscribed to a data plan on the GLo network. You just have to ensure that yo have sufficient balance availabe on your Glo sim.

Mobile internet data plans

Plan: Instant surf
Cost: N100
Data cap: 13MB
Validity period: 24 hours
USSD Code: *127*51#

Plan: One Week
Cost: N400
Data cap: 65MB
Validity period: 7 days
USSD Code: *127*52#

Plan: Always Micro
Cost: N1000
Data cap: 260MB
Validity period: 30 days
USSD Code: *127*53#

Plan: Always Macro
Cost: N3000
Data cap: 1.5 GB
Validity period: 30 days
USSD Code: *127*54#