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Posted by on Wednesday September 11, 2013 at 12:24:56:

What is MTN's data plan bundle rate? This is basically the rate at which a data subscriber is charged while using the internet service on a bundle plan.

As most users already know, the basic cost of browsing on MTN Nigeria is at around 5 kobo per kb but it gets cheaper when you are on a data plan.

The data plan bundle rate would depend on the type of data plan one is already subscribed to. In my case, I was subscribed to the 10MB data plan which expires in 24 hrs.

Now, using the 10mb data plan as an example, I subscribed to this and a N100 deduction was made to my airtime balance. The 10mb plan gives me 10mb of data at a cost of N100 meaning that I spent 1kobo per kb on the data plan and so you see that the data plan has saved me an extra 4k per kb if I were using a pay as you go plan.

In summary;

- For the 10MB 24 hrs data plan, the bundle rate is 1 kobo(N0.01) per kb
- For the 25MB 24 hrs data plan, the bundle rate is N0.006 per kb
- For a 500MB 30 day plan, the bundle rate is at N0.002 per kb.

...and so on.

I received an SMS reply when I subscribed to the 10MB data plan and got the message saying, "..You will be charged bundle rate at data bundle exhaustion within subscription validity"

What that simply means is that as long as my validity period is still active, even when my data has finished, I would then be charged on a pay as you use basis on a bundle rate and not the usual 5 kobo per kb rate being used. So this means is that if you have subscribed to a data plan on MTN, you get a discount on the amount of data you use within your validity period.

However, once your bundle period has expired, you can either be renewed or be switched back to the pay as you use plan which charges around 5 kobo per kb.

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    My mobile phone dstv is nt showing