How to check your Glo Data plan balance

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Posted by on Saturday January 18, 2014 at 9:14:13:

If you are subscribed to an internet data plan courtesy of Glo, you may need to check your data plan balance just to know things like the remaining unused data or active period before the plan expires.

Well, you can check for your Glo data plan by simply sending an SMS with the message INFO to 127. For Blackberry users, just send STATUS to 122

It is that easy. Getting to know how much data remains or the active period will help you to know whether you want to renew your subscription or how to make efficient use of the data remaining.

One thing about Glo's data plan is that if you are subscribed to it and still have some unused data remaining, it normally expires once the validity period has expired irrespective of whether you have used it or not. However, it seems that Glo now offers to subscribers and opportunity to roll over any unused data so that you are never really running at a loss.