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Posted by on Sunday January 11, 2015 at 20:18:11:

How much does 1 GB worth of mobile internet data cost in Nigeria? Well, based on my experience, it costs about N2,000 but the cost can be reduced to as low as N500 per GB when a subscriber buys more data e.g. a 4GB data plan.

MTN Nigeria for instance offers a 1.5 GBdata plan that costs N3,500 to subscribers. This translates to about N2,333 for 1GB. To subscribe, just send 111 to 131.

Swift broadband has a 1GB Data plan called Swift budget plus and it costs N2000 only.

Glo Nigeria sells a 1.5GB data plan called always micro for N3,000 and it expires after 30 days. This translates to about N2,000 per GB. To subscribe, a customer needs to sms 54 to 127.

Etisalat Nigeria's 1.5GB data plan is sold at N4,000 to subscribers. This means that 1GB would cost about N2666 to subscribers. To get it, one has to sms MB4 to 229.

Airtel Nigeria also has a 1GB data plan that is sold at N3,000 and it's called smartphone 2 plan. To subscribe, sms Smart2 to 141

Smile communications has a 1GB bundle plan that is sold for N1,800 to subscribers.

If you normally use more than 1GB of data per month and probably use up to 2GB or 3GB, then it's best to buy more data at once rather than in bits of 1GB since buying in bits cost more than buying in bulk.

Personally, I buy a 4GB data plan on a monthly basis for browsing on my computer and about 100MB per month for browsing on my mobile phone. You just have to first get to know how much data you normally use per month so as to buy it at once rather than in small small bits. It saves you more money.