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Posted by on Friday October 12, 2012 at 10:19:2:

To Start using MTN Mobile Money Simply go to the Mobile Money application on your MTN services menu on your mobile phone.

The Service is only available to MTN Nigeria subscribers

What is MTN Mobile money?
MTN Mobile money is a money transfer service that allows MTN Nigeria subscribers to send and receive money using their mobile phone attached to their bank accounts.

With the advent of mobile money services, users can now manage their bank accounts from their finger tips with the user of their mobile phones.

In the old days or as it seems, one would need to go to a bank or issue a check to transfer or receive money and as time went by, withdrawing money and paying bills became easier with the coming of ATM cards and the machines but lately, mobile money services has made its entry into the Nigerian market thereby allowing people to still manager their money through the use of their registered mobile phones.

How does MTN Mobile money really work?
It works by means of making use of a registered mobile phone with sim, doing some SMS or USSD actions with a PIN in order to move money from one point to another.
Anyone who wants to start moving money with his mobile phone would first of all register for the service as it doesn't come by default, link to his bank account and then setup his PIN in order to manage his money. The rest comes easy as subsequent use after registration only comes with the push of some buttons such as dialing a USSD code or sending an SMS.