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Posted by on Thursday July 18, 2013 at 12:25:5:

If you are in Nigeria and are on the MTN network, you can transfer your airtime credit to another user easily either by making use of SMS or USSD.

MTN Nigeria offers a free service called Share N sell and it something that allows two MTN subscribers to share airtime credit for free. This would allow users to transfer between N50 to N6000 on the MTN Network.

How to do airtime credit transfer on MTN
1. By SMS
2. By USSD

1. By SMS
This involves requesting for a credit transfer using the SMS to communicate with 777.
- For First time users, just change your PIN by sending a text message to 777 in the format: default_PIN New_PIN New_PIN e.g 0000 1234 1234. (This makes your new PIN become 1234 or any other digits you want)

- To transfer, compose and send a text message on your phone to 777 in the form: Transfer, Recipientís Number Amount PIN

- Confirm the transfer when asked to in a text message by sending YES.

The airtime credit will now be transferred to the recipient's account.

2. By USSD
This involves communicating with MTN's share n sell number using by dialing a USSD code rather than texting.

- First time users should first change their PIN by dialing: *601*0000*1234*1234#
(where 1234 or any other digit you choose will be your new number)

- To transfer, simply dial *600*RECIPIENT_NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN# e.g *600*0803xxxxxxx*500*PIN#. This will transfer N500 to that person's number.

It is that easy.