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Posted by on Thursday June 28, 2012 8:29:43:

Glo Nigeria now has a new plan that offers subscribers the ability to spend less on their calls even if they spend more time talking. It is a prepaid tariff plan you can choose to subscribe to to get discounts on your voice calls.

I guess this is targeted at subscribers who spend more time on their voice calls by giving them some discount on their calls.

How much does it cost?
Glo to Glo 15k per second
Glo to other networks is at 30k per second

How much does it really cost?
Actually, in real terms, I don't think Nigerians mostly talk for less than a min so how much does it really cost in minutes? Well for Glo-Glo calls, you get to pay 15k*60 = N9 per minue and for other networks, you would only be charged 30k*60 = N18 per minute. Now who can beat that?

How to qualify
Simply ensure that you have a registered Glo sim card and no a Glo profit customer. Once migrated, you will start paying less after the first 60 seconds of the day for which you will be initially charged at 55k per second.

Code for migrating to Glo Gista
Just dial the USSD code *100*15*1#
Confirm the migration by replying with 1
You will be subscribed to Glo gista

Why this plan rocks
There are no raffle draws or only single winners. Everyone gets a discount for talking more and this plan is especially good for people who have been paying more for voice calls. Now with Glo Gista, you can get a discount on your calls.

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