How does one opt out of MTN data plan?

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Posted by on Thursday August 15, 2013 at 12:48:32:

I had been having problems using MTN's data plan which I normally use for mobile browsing. This is because ever since MTN introduced their new data plans with carry over options and gifting, cancelling the auto renew feature that data plans come with seems to have also been disabled and no longer working

I have tried several things but to no avail. I've sent HELP to 131 to see a list of their codes but it's not working.

Sending RESET to 131 is no longer working and sending Data OFF to 131 simply disconnects all my internet service. So, I'm left with only one option for now:

Simply exhaust all my credit and allow the data plan to expire. It would automatically move you back to Pay as you use when it fails to renew

So, if you no longer want your data plan to be renewed, simply don't add more credit to your phone until the current plan expires and it fails to renew.

If you have a lot of money on the sim, then you can simply transfer it to another MTN sim using share and sell and you can transfer it back when you have been switched back to Pay as you use data plan.

If you however want to cancel all data plan or internet service on yor MTN line, simply Text DATA OFF to 131 and it would be totally cancelled.

    Re: How does one opt out of MTN data plan? Posted by juliet on Wednesday May 7, 2014 at 24:49:27:

    i rili wana opt out of tis damn data plan