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Posted by on Thursday June 6, 2013 at 12:56:10:

If the new Glo adverts I see on the newspapers are correct, Glo Nigeria is currently doing an exciting browsing promo that offers subscribers the ability to download a lot of data all at the rate of 5k per MB. Get it? Not per kb but per mb!

As you might already know, the basic cost of browsing the internet using a mobile phone in Nigeria averagely costs about 5kobo per KB but in Glo's case, with their bumper browsing plan, you could browse for as low as 5kobo per MB.

What is the difference between 5kobo per kb and 5kobo per MB? Well, it is in the size of the data meaning that you'll get more data but at a very low cost. Ordinarily, 5kobo per means that you would pay as much as N5 for 1MB which may just about cover you when checking your email and maybe some local news.

With Glo's bumper plan however, you would only spend N0.50 for the same 1MB and that means you can download up to 1gb of files for just N50. Comparing this to the usual tariff across most networks on a pay as you use plan which cost 5k per kb, 1gb could cost as much as N50,000. However, Glo is offering you the ability to browse for as low as N50 per 1gb using this promo.

Conditions: According to the advert, a subscriber only needs to just use N100 worth of data daily in order to qualify. Other Terms and conditions do apply and you could contact customer service for more details.

    Re: Glo Bumper Browsing at 5 kobo per MB Posted by Felix Okoli on Tuesday June 11, 2013 at 11:34:27:

    I'm not sure how this 5k per MB works yet on Glo because I am not yet getting that rate on my plan. Glo actually gives a bonus browsing data when you spend at least N100 in any day and it probably expires after that day but as for their 5k per MB plan on this promo, I'm not yet sure how that works.