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Posted by on Thursday June 20, 2013 at 9:30:47:

Want to access your Facebook account for free without having to pay for internet access? Well, Glo Nigeria is offering you that service in a plan that I'll call Glo to Facebok Free browsing.

Connect to Facebook from your mobile phone
Have an active Glo sim
Post and read messages

However, charges will apply if you view images/pictures on your phone. You can however avoid being charged by either using a Glo sim with no credit or disabling images on your browser.

How to access Facebook on Glo for free
- Ensure your phone has already being configured for mobile browsing
- Go to the url or with your mobile phone
- Log into your account
- View you contacts and post updates

You will be able to do all these as long as you've accessed Facebok using the url or If you go to or from your phone, your line would be debited for data charges.

If you ask me, I would wish all networks would at least offer this service too and if possible include sites like Yahoo mail and Nigerian newspaper websites too.

It seems Glo know that Facebook is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria and is using this opportunity to offer us some gifts. Thumbs up!