Fake Promo: NCC says you've won N90,000 airtime at cardncc.com

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Posted by on Friday September 13, 2013 at 10:22:35:

A friend of mine recently called me to confirm his winning prize from the NCC. He said he received an SMS notifying him of an airtime prize of N90,000 for his phone number. If you ask me, on a first hand basis, I'd say that it is simply a fraudulent mail and my friend was just wasting his time even corresponding with these supposed scammers. First and foremost, the NCC is not a GSM company and I'm sure they don't do any promos or lotteries let alone award prizes to GSM subscribers. If however they were offering compensation back to subscribers for bad services they've received from GSM service providers, it'll probably make more sense. But the NCC doing a promo? Certainly not.

Well, the next thing I wanted to tell my friend was, "I guess the next thing they will ask you is send them a recharge card" to claim your prize and the scam continues.

Well, in order not to smash his hopes of getting a reward, I decide to play along and confirm his winnings by going to the website where he was directed to go.

He was sent a winning code and a website address to go to in order to claim his prize. The website was at cardncc.com and so I went there to check it out. On a first impression, it already looked like those scam sites I've seen and reviewed about in the past. The grammar used on the website was also full of errors.

Anyway, after entering the winning code, I got a feedback saying,

"Congratulations! {3232} Your Winning Of 90,000 Naira MTN AIRTIME RECHARGE CARD Have Been Approved. You Are Requested To
Carefully Follow The Instructions On How To Activate Your Line. For Your 90,000 Naira
RECHARGE. To Activate Your Line For 90,000 RECHARGE. All You Have To Do Is. Go Out There Buy
Our AIRTIME What Of {1,500 X 2 = 3,000} Once You Buy It Type In Your MTN Number And You Type In The Cards
Pin's Below It . And Click On {RECHARGE NOW} And Wait For The Network To Set It Up For You. Once It Is Done You Will Get An SMS On Your Phone Telling You That Your Line Is Activated And 93,000 MTN RECHARGE CARD WILL BE Credited Automatically."

SO basically, they want me to send recharge cards to them before claiming the winning prize. This is the same scam that has stolen from a lot of people in the past.

Well MTN and the NCC need to do something about these fake scamming websites so that people don't get defrauded. I know many people will fall for this scam and send recharge cards to the scammers with the hope that they would get a reward for it.

    Re: Fake Promo: NCC says you've won N90,000 airtime at cardncc.com Posted by mrs Chukwudi on Monday September 16, 2013 at 8:19:31:

    Is it really fake,even when it has MTN logo? They sent it to me too and I even recharge bt they kept saying I shld wait.waoooh, mtn shld do something about this fradulant act.

    Re: Fake Promo: NCC says you've won N90,000 airtime at cardncc.com Posted by otega on Sunday September 29, 2013 at 10:35:10:

    i like it

    Re: Fake Promo: NCC says you've won N90,000 airtime at cardncc.com Posted by prince victor on Tuesday October 1, 2013 at 8:39:7:

    I got mine 2day 1st oct 2013, My advice to these jobless guys with fake grammer & mentality is to get a legitimate job or start a business of their capacity,as million of opportunities are flying around or they'll be caught soonest...scamming for #3000 worth of recharge cards at the expend of your life, c'mon you must be a real IDIOTA!. From all indication you've got what it takes to make it in life, why not use it RIGHT...people will definitely patronize you.

    Re: Fake Promo: NCC says you've won N90,000 airtime at cardncc.com Posted by Jones on Monday October 7, 2013 at 13:8:38:

    @mrs chukwudi: Yes o, its very fake. Anybody can build a website with any Logo even federal government and put on it. Even if its sent with MTN number, next time always try to call and confirm from their customer care before doing anything. Sorry about your loss.