Glo Overload Promo: Glo is offering 2.5GB for just N2500

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Posted by on Wednesday January 28, 2015 at 15:39:17:

When I did a review on the average cost of a 1GB internet data plan to subscribers in Nigeria, the lowest value I arrived at was at N1800 but GSM networks in Nigeria have already beaten down that price by offering promos from time to time.

A recent promo being done by Glo Nigeria today is one that offers as much as 4.5GB for just N2,500 only. Now in the past, I know of some ISPs that charge as much as N2,500 just to get a 1GB data plan but with Glo, the price has crashed so low to around N625.

To pay just N2,500 for a 4GB data plan that lasts for 30 days means that you are spending just N625 for a 1GB data plan and it even gets more discounted to as low as N333/GB if you choose to purchase a 24GB for N8,000.

Well, since I noticed that I use at least 4GB worth of internet data per month, I might very well subscribe to this as it saves me more money.

Should you subscribe to this data plan? I think it depends on how much data you really need per month. If you use a laptop or computer like me and do full page browsing and browse sites like Facebook, Yahoo, read newspapers online or watch short YouTube clips(about 2 mins), then this plan is just for you but if you are just using a mobile phone that uses less data and even opera mini, you might not need as much as 4GB unless you are downloading heavy files like videos to your phone.

How to subscribe to this 4GB Glo data plan for just N2,500? Well, just send 58 to 127.

Other plans includes:
4.5GB for N2500
12GB for N5000
24GB for N8000

- Dial *200# to join Glo overload promo
- Have sufficient balance to subscribe to a data plan
- Subscribe to a data plan using the given codes.